• How to Make Short Ribs Fresh by Food Vacuum Sealer

How to Make Short Ribs Fresh by Food Vacuum Sealer

In my house, we never freeze the steak. Even there are only 2 people, we prefer to eat them up continuously rather than freeze them. Since the frozen steak tastes bad when it becomes defrosted. Recently, the frozen meat in our house looks especially good because we have a food vacuum sealer in our home now. The fact proves that the short rib which is sealed by the food vacuum sealer first and then put into the fridge tastes as delicious as the fresh short rib.

Now let' s share some tips with you on how to make the short rib fresh by the food vacuum sealer.
On the top of the machine, you can press the dry or wet food material button. Or you can choose the function of vacuum or just edge sealing.

Open the vacuum sealing lid, you will see the grey catch basin. It is to prevent the vacuum from sucking the water out.

1. Trim down the vacuum bag and leave 5cm to 8cm space above and below the food material. After several times usage, we prefer to use as few bags as possible. According to our experience, we can leave 2cm to 3cm space in the bottom of the vacuum bag, but it will be safer to leave 5cm space on the top too.

2.When trimming down the vacuum bag, you only need to push the trimming knife light toward left.

3.Put the trimming bag on the black sealing line. Turn the lock pin to"operating" button and then press "sealing" button to seal the bag. According to my experience, do not leave too much space of the bags, otherwise you will waste too many bags. (see the picture).
4. Put short rip into the vacuum bag and make the bag opening toward the vacuum groove, then press the seal button. Usually, I will put the bag opening into the catch basin to avoid dirtying the machine. When we vacuum the meat, in order to prevent too much blood being sucked into the machine, we suggest to keep the meat frozen for one hour first. It will be better to freeze the water a little and then freeze(one hour freeze only makes the meat surface a little hard ). Or you can use the kitchen paper to dry the water. Thus the subpackage of 2-kilogram American short rib is finished! There is another important key for subpackage, which is to mark the date and name on the bag. This is very important and can not be forgotten. Many people put a lot of things into their refrigerators, but these things are usually kept for several months and sometimes even yourselves do not know what are in the refrigerators. With the marks on the vacuum bags, you will not lose yourselves in your food materials. One month later, we really take two steaks out for cooking. It completely tastes as delicious as the fresh one.

Salting food
Besides food subpackage, the food vacuum sealer is also very convenient for salting food. It is heard that the food pore will open under the vacuum condition. Therefore if you are in a hurry and want to make tasty food, you can use the vacuum bag for pickling meat.

First, mix up various sauces in the bag, then put in the meat and disturb it. There is no need to use a bowl to do this. At last seal the bag directly and the pickled food is to be highly successful. You can also use this way to pickle the meat one night before the camping or BBQ day if you plan to go camping and barbecue. You can bring it outdoor without any worry about the leakage of the soup.

1.Compress the air out of the bag.
2.Put the bag opening in the catch basin.( Be careful to do not let the air enter in the bag.)

3.Put on the lid, turn to"operating" button, then press"sealing" button and pickling is done.
Please remember do not press "vacuum" button otherwise the sauce will be sucked out completely.
When you cook the delicious crab porridge or the other good liquid food, you may wish to share them with your mum and day who are a little far from you. The food vacuum sealer can really help you lock the taste. As long as you trim down the bag, heat them in the pot and things are done. A true food vacuum sealer is your best kitchen helper!

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