1.Q: What is vacuum packaging?
Vacuum packaging is the process of removing air from a bag prior to sealing.

2. Q: I have a different food packaging appliance made by another company. Can I use the Yeasincere bags with it?
A: Our Bags and Rolls are designed for Yeasincere vacuum sealing machines only. The sealing bar on your sealer may either be too hot or too cold, which doesn’t have a good sealing result.

3. Q: What is the difference between the sealer rolls/bags and zipper bag/sealer canister?
A: Zipper bag, sealing bag or other method of packing has the function of storing, but it is not effective and reliable. While our packing vacuum heat seal rolls/bags provides a long term protection for the food storage. It keeps out most of the air and prevents food from being bad. 
4. Q: Operation instruction
A: Before operation, please read our user manual carefully. Do not use our vacuum sealer in a wet condition. Unplug the power cord from electrical outlet if it isn’t used. Please keep the equipment away from children when operating.
5.Q: How do i know if the vacuum sealer doesn't work properly? 
A: Please put a fork into a bag, then put the open end into the vacuum equipment and let it get through the vacuum sealer. Then immerses the bag completely into the water. If there is bubble, the problems is on the bag. If not, the problem may be in the sealing bar.

6.Q: What can the vacuum sealer do for your Kitchen? 
A: The sealer can keep your leftover longer and the food from moisture, extend the freshness of meat and vegetables, prolong the shelf life by removing the oxygen and eliminate the freezer burn.
7.Q: What can be used for vacuum package? 
A: Things can be used for vacuum package: meat, fish, chicken, walnut, candy, grains, etc.

8.Q: What are the benefits of vacuum packaging?
A: Vacuum packaging is primarily used to extend the shelf life of perishable foods such as meats and cheeses by reducing atmospheric oxygen and limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria. It is also commonly used to store dry foods over a long period of time, such as cereals, nuts, cured meats, coffee, and potato chips, etc.