• The Vacuum and Oxygen Resistance-True Way of Food Preservation

The Vacuum and Oxygen Resistance-True Way of Food Preservation

The food in the refrigerator goes moldy?
Vacuum and oxygen resistance is the true way of preservation. 

No matter what kind of food ingredient or cuisine is, people are used to putting the food into refrigerator if they can not finish all. This is the first reaction of most people.

But the refrigerator is not the defender for the food! Most people think that the refrigerator has the ability of sterilization. As long as you put the food in it, they will be sterilized successfully. But in fact, the low temperature surrounding of the refrigerator only can prevent reproduction of the microorganism and bacteria, and reduce the speed of breeding and reproducing.It can not actually eliminate them completely. As long as the food storing, using or exposing time is long, food would still get decaying and moldy.

Especially when food contains rich water and high carbohydrate, they would be the breeding ground for the mould and microorganism. We should pay special attention to its storage. Also the storage of peanut, almond and walnut which are popular for people should be taken careful notice!

Damp Climate not only easily causes walnut moist, but also leads the rich oil walnut to oxygenation when exposing into the air. Once the walnut are not kept well, there will produces aflatoxin. People might get cancer when eat them in low dose within a long period.

We have a good method for keeping food fresh!
The vacuum oxygenation resistance is the key.

If you want to keep the taste and freshness of the food, besides the way of drying dehydration and bacteriostatic at low temperature, the key method is to fundamentally avoid the food oxygenation and food decay. As usual mould, bacteria, escherichia coli only can survive under condition of full oxygen. Thus if you want to prolong the food valid date and avoid mould and decay, in addition to low temperature storing, a true method of bacterial resistance and extending of food valid date is to make use of the microorganism and bacteria charateristics, use the vacuum sealer machine to lower and exclude oxygen and create a dangerous surrounding which the bacteria will be eliminated.

This is the right way to preserve food!
Experiment: Vacuum Sealing to Prolong the Food Storing Time

According to the discovery in the laboratory experiment of the Madam Yang Huiting, the professor of Chinese Medicine Universe, the vacuum surrounding is indeed advantaged to food freshness. In experiment, Professor Yang uses the common ziplock sealing bag, sealing canister and vacuum sealing to store the pork which from the same package and of the same weight. The experimental period is seven days under cold storage of 4 degree Centigrade.

During the experiment period, we takes out the pork separately in the day before experiment, the third day and the seventh day. We detect them on the escherichia coli quantity, coli group quantity and the total bacteria number. The experimental result is no matter which day we take out the pork, the quantity of all kinds of the bacterium for the packing in the vacuum sealer machine are the lowest. The second is ziplock sealing bag. The last is sealing canister.

Thus it can be seen that the way of vacuum sealer can indeed prevent the reproduction of the escherichia coli and microorganism effectively, prolong the food fresh period, avoid food decay and taste loss and get a better storing result.

Regular cleaning the environment is necessary! Don’t let the refrigerator become the growing ground of bacterium.

Finally, we want to remind that besides the help of the vacuum sealer, regular cleaning and restocking the refrigerator are also necessary acting. Especially the refrigerator cardboard, drawer and so on, which are the small corner easy to hide smudge, bacterium, should be wiped and cleaned regularly. Thus they won’t become the breeding ground for the bacterium and microorganism.
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