• The Differences between the Sous Vide and the Traditional Cooking Method

The Differences between the Sous Vide and the Traditional Cooking Method

The idea of preserving food from rot in the vacuum sealer roll & bag appeared a long time ago. It is recorded in the history of cooking that people wrapped food with leaves and sealed it in animals' bladders before they cooked it, which showed that people had already known that vacuum seal could help prevent food from rot and being dry.
The concept of "sous vide" originally came from France, and the term "sous vide" is replaced with "cracked" in the United States. Sous vide is a cooking method that people place raw materials of food in the vacuum sealer roll & bag, and cook it later when they need the food. The food is usually heated at the low temperature, for example, about 60℃. Under exceptional circumstances, even if the food needs to cooked for 24 hours or more 24 hours, the raw materials of the food can be prepared within 30 minutes.
Many top chefs including Thomas Keller, Paul Focused, Joel Bronchus and Charlie Trotter all use the sous vide cooking method, which originally came from a chef named Georges Plurals in the 1970s. Georges Plurals found that if he cooked the foie gras through the traditional cooking method, the weight of the foie gras will decrease 30% to 50%. Thus he wanted to find another new method for cooking the foie gras. Finally, Georges Plurals found that through the sous vide cooking method, not only the fat of the foie gras will not lose, but also the foie gras will have good texture.
A person callled Bruno Tussaud once did a experiment at the International Frozen Food Conference in Strasbourg and he found that the shelf life of the beef which had been processed by the sous vide cooking method could be extended to 60 days.
The sous vide cooking method is very different from the traditional cooking methods. Even if the food is cooked at the target temperature for a few minutes longer, the taste of the food will not be affected and changed. With the help of the sous vide cooking method and the sous vide cooker, cooking dishes will not be a difficult thing for you any more. 
The traditional cooking methods such as cooking food with the oven have many disadvantages. Since the oven uses the high temperatures with fluctuations, it is necessary to well control the temperatures of the oven. Once you are not concentrated, it is possible that you fail to cook your food.
There are at least three obvious advantages of the sous vide cooking method. First, the the sous vide cooking method can have the accurate temperature control of food, and the phenomenon that the edge of food is overcooked and the middle of food is not yet done will not occur. Second, you can have the same delicious meal every time because the steak is very juicy every time you take it from the vacuum sealed bag. Third, the vacuum sealed environment can make cooking food more efficient because all the food can have the same good taste if you cook them through the sous vide cooking method. The time of the sous vide usually depends on the following three factors, and they are the core temperature of the dish, the heat transfer characteristic of the food and the amount of the food to be cooked.
The sous vide cooking method also has some other advantages compared with the traditional cooking methods. The food needs less oil if you cook it through the sous vide cooking method; the temperature control of the sous vide cooking method can help prevent the food from being overcooked and losing water as well as fat; the sous vide cooking method can keep the nutrition of food which is easily damaged by the traditional cooking methods.