• What Is Special about Sous Vide Cooking Method?

What Is Special about Sous Vide Cooking Method?

In fact, the sous vide cooking method is much simpler than its fancy name. You only need to pack the raw materials of food in plastic bags through the food vacuum sealers and then place them in a sous vide cooker. Set the target temperature and keep it. When the food reaches the target temperature, take it out from the sous vide cooker. You can fast barbecue it or carry out other steps. That is the sous vide cooking method.
The result of the sous vide cooking is almost impossible to be achieved through the traditional cooking way. When the tenderloin is fried on the pan at the core temperature of 52℃ on the pan and when you feel it is well done, more than 40% of the meat is over cooked. While the steak with the same weight is cooked through the sous vide cooking method at the same temperature, the whole internal meat are evenly heated.
In the early period, experienced chefs will first fry the steak's surface until it begins to singe, and then put the steak into the oven for baking. The practice that fry the steak's surface until it begins to singe is to lock water and make the water not spill. The flavor of the steak after this treatment is indeed much better than that of the steak treated with the ordinary method in flavor, but the performance in locking water of the steak is completely unsatisfactory. If you have the experience of frying the steak, you should be able to find that when you are frying the one side of the steak, water inside the steak will overflow from the other side. In the process of baking the steak, water of the steak continues to drop, and even when you awaken the steak, water of the steak never stops dripping. In order to prevent the overflow of water, put the beef in a vacuum environment, and it is very necessary for you to reduce the cooking temperature.
At present, sous vide cooking method has been widely used in Michelin starred restaurants, and some Michelin three-star restaurants even heat the beef up to 24 hours, which is the reasons for only a few restaurants being able to make very tender steak. Similarly, if you cook pork ribs with the sous vide cookers and set a constant temperature of 58℃ for 72 hours, the pork ribs will be juicy and melt in your mouth when you eat them. If you boil the eggs at the constant temperature of 68℃, they will taste the same soft as tofu, and the protein part will just be as smooth as pudding.

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