• An Introduction of Vacuum Food Sealers

An Introduction of Vacuum Food Sealers

Vacuum food sealers can be applied to a wide range of products such as the raw meat products, cooked meat products, sauce products, dried fruit, bean products, grain seeds, tea, local specialties, finance & securities, gold and silver jewelry, antique calligraphy and painting, medical supplies, electronic devices, hardware products packaging, etc. and can protect them from moisture, rust, oxidation, mildew, insects. Vacuum food sealers have advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, high efficiency, easy operation, etc.
The features of vacuum food sealers

Vacuum food sealers can automatically extract the air inside the bag, to complete the sealing process after achieving the required degree of vacuum. Because after vacuum packaging, due to the high degree of vacuum inside the bag and the existence of very little residual air, it can prohibit the propagation of microorganisms such as bacteria and avoid the oxidation, mildew and corruption of goods. While for some of the soft products, after vacuum packaging, their packaging volume can be reduced which will facilitate transportation and storage.
Using tips

1. Fresh vegetables and fruit generally do not need vacuum packaging. The bags of food after vacuum packaging will become inflated at room temperature, because the food at room temperature has cellular respiration and constantly releases carbon dioxide, but high temperature or low temperature treatment of food will slow down the gas emission process of food.

2. When packaging food with some small sharp edges and corners such as hard tea, bones, shrimps, crabs, etc., there is a possibility that the fine spikes of this kind of food pierce the vacuum bag and lead to leakage when we move air from the bags. It is recommended to wrap the food in advance and then put the food into the vacuum bags to move air.

3. We must package the food with heat or moisture until it is completely cooled or air dried, otherwise water vapor will appear in the bags.

4. Please keep the sealing lines of bags flat, clean and dry. If sealing lines are uneven, mixed with oil or water, it is likely that the vacuum bags will leak after moving air from them.
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